Volume 8, Issue 1

Whole number 29Pages: 1-28
February, 1973

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  • The 'View' cards of the 2nd Republic
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 07-Aug

  • The 2nd. Republic Reprints
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 09-Nov

  • (First published 1913), Otto's printings of the Transvaal Stamps, part IV
    Luff, J. L. pg. 12-19

  • Transvaal 119 (SG.171). The stamp that embarrassed me
    Melz, P. J. pg. 20-21

  • The Railway Stamps of 2nd. British Occupation Extracts from S.A.P. July 1972
    Berry, T. B. pg. 23-25

  • The Railway stamps of the 2nd. British Occupation
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 23-25

  • The Five Pound Green
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 5