Volume 55, Issue 2

Whole number 206Pages: 1-36
July, 2020

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  • A well-travelled cover from T.B. Beckett & Co. Limited. Pretoria
    Talbot, J. pg. 17

  • Blaauwbank to Bushman's Spruit
    Author? pg. 20-36

  • ZAR and Transvaal date-stamps until Union: a working catalogue. Part 2: BLAAUWBANK to BUSHMAN’S SPRUIT
    Payne, B and Visser, A pg. 20-36

  • Ibshlasattje - Norwegian Lutheran Mission, Postal Agency and ZAR Double Ring Date Stamp
    Jørgensen, L. pg. Oct-17


Change of pagination from the July 2020 edition.