Volume 54, Issue 2

Whole number 203Pages: 43-74
July, 2019

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  • BONC 607 and early Johannesburg cancel
    Leeflang, B. pg. ??-??

  • Emil Tamsen's picture postcards – an update
    Tutturen, T.J. pg. ??-??

  • New Publication by Bram Leeflang
    Woolgar, J. pg. 47

  • Matjesspruit
    Board, C. pg. 49-50

  • Another Surgeon Ward Cover of 1880
    Coetzee, G. pg. 59-60

  • Testing the postal service June 1900?
    Board, C. pg. 63

  • Twee Shilling embossed and printed Revenue stamp
    Bartshe, R.T. pg. 66-68

  • The Prince of Wales’s ideas of stamp design: Edwardian stamps of Transvaal praised
    Board, C. pg. 69-71

  • An invalid stamp on a postcard
    Cordes, C. pg. 72

  • Messages on picture postcards, F. Courtenay Marsh, 'LE NU AU SALON'
    Woolgar, J. and Stone, A. pg. 73