Volume 54, Issue 1

Whole number 202Pages: 1-42
March, 2019

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  • Wide Roulette with a difference
    Larking, B. pg. 14-15

  • Uitvalfontein
    Board, C. pg. 15

  • Late use of multi-ring numeral obliterators and numbered triangular obliterators in the Z.A.R.
    Payne, B. pg. 17

  • An invalid stamp on a postcard sent to Returned Letter Office, Johannesburg 28 SEP. 08
    Board, C. pg. 18

  • Duplex Hand Canceller of ZAR – a Study of the Coding
    Bezuidenhout, J. and Board, C. pg. 21-24

  • Duplex Hand Canceller of ZAR – a Study of the Coding
    Board, C. and Bezuidenhout, J. pg. 21-24

  • The Government Commission in the Compensation Damage Dynamite Explosion
    Woolgar, J. pg. 26-27

  • Swazieland overprints: a possible fake produced by Postmaster
    Board, C. pg. 28-29

  • Otto's '1d black jacket' revisited (Plate Ax) and a possibly related but unrecorded plate, '1d rose' (Plate Ay)
    Larking, B. pg. 31-39

  • The South African 1904 Census
    Author? pg. 40-42

  • NZASM Railway Station Markings
    Bartshe, R.T. pg. Nov-13


Page 13 incorrectly dated ‘November 2018’.