Volume 45, Issue 3

Whole number 175Pages: 41-64
August, 2010

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  • Early Covers from the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek / Transvaal: A forthcoming publication
    Jørgensen, L. pg. 48-49

  • Numeral in Triangle Obliterator No.66: Was this allocated to Rolfontein?
    Board, C. pg. 48-49

  • The Fels of Schweizer-Reneke
    Harley, A. pg. 54-55

  • Mail from the Lydenburg Commando
    Higson, A. pg. 56

  • ZAR stamps used during the Boer occupation of Ingogo
    Higson, A. pg. 60

  • Getting Started (8): Gum or no gum? again
    Woolgar, J. pg. 61

  • Malmani Goudvelden
    Inggs, R. pg. 62