Volume 44, Issue 4

Whole number 172Pages: 71-100
November, 2009

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  • Darkton 1895
    Van der Molen, P. pg. 78-79

  • The Place of Potchefstroom in the Early Postal Services in the Transvaal: A commentary on evidence cited in the thirteenth Major Ian B. Mathews Memorial Lecture by G. Kamffer and G. van der Walt
    Board, C. pg. 81-82

  • Manuscript cancellations of von Brandis and Rider Haggard
    Kruger, G. pg. 83-86

  • Where exactly was Komati (Middel)?
    Board, C. pg. 88-92

  • The "Mrs Head" Correspondence
    Higson, A. pg. 93

  • The Llanwarne Squared-octagon Canceller
    Harley, A. pg. 94-95

  • Wonderboom
    Seeba, W. K. pg. 96

  • Getting Started (5): First Republic Adhesive Stamps - Colour
    Woolgar, J. pg. 98