Volume 44, Issue 1

Whole number 169Pages: 1-26
February, 2009

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  • An update on the "TRANSVAAL" cds flanked by crosses pattée
    Higson, A. pg. 12

  • The Dumb Cancellations of the ZAR/Transvaal
    Seeba, W. K. pg. 14-15

  • Enschedé's "Vurtheim" Panes and Plates
    Kaupe, J. pg. 16-18

  • The postal use of the Army Telegraphs cancellation in the Transvaal
    Higson, A. pg. 18-19

  • A new Hectorspruit discovery!
    Bezuidenhout, J. pg. 20

  • Joseph Chamberlain - "Poor Old Joe"
    Woolgar, J. pg. 20

  • Getting Started (4): Adhesive Stamps - Catalogue updates
    Woolgar, J. pg. 22