Volume 42, Issue 4

Whole number 164Pages: 83-116
November, 2007

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  • Davis printings of adhesive stamps - borders, printing and paper
    Woolgar, J. pg. 105-106

  • Fourier's Transvaal "Facsimiles"
    Higson, A. pg. 107-109

  • Fournier's "Philatelic Clinic"
    Higson, A. pg. 110

  • The use of Raman Spectroscopy in Philately
    Kruger, G. pg. 111-114

  • The opening of the Pretoria Military ("PR M-") telegraph office
    Higson, A. pg. 115

  • An Englishman in South Africa (during the final stages of the Rugby World Cup
    Higson, A. pg. 91-94

  • "In praise of telegraph material"
    Higson, A. pg. 95-103