Volume 39, Issue 2

Whole number 150Pages: 25-62
May, 2004

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  • Some thoughts concerning the Bradbury, Wilkinson issue
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 25-Aug

  • Some observations concerning the stamps printed by Celliers in 1883-85, particularly the perforation varieties
    Drysdall, A.R. and Torres, F. pg. 29-39

  • Army Telegraphs in the Transvaal 1900-02
    Higson, A. pg. 40-50

  • My eureka moment - a rare Rustenburg provisional
    Kravcik, S. pg. 51-52

  • Railway 'excess baggage' stamps
    Harley, A. pg. 52-53

  • The evolution of a picture postcard
    Woolgar, J. pg. 54-56

  • Some C.S.A.R. items
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 57-61


In this edition there are several primary pages numbered in Roman numerals.
Plus four unnumbered pages.