Volume 37, Issue 2

Whole number 142Pages: 43-70
May, 2002

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  • The aspirations of the Z.A.R. to become a maritime state; the quest for Zambaan's-land leading to philatelic side-prints
    De Jager, O. pg. 43-52

  • The route to Lourenço Marques
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 53-61

  • Mary Livingstone, her brother-in-law, and Cape/Bechuanaland missionary mail
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 62-65

  • A possibly unique First Anglo-Boer War censored cover
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 66

  • Postal rates in 1892
    Anon pg. 67

  • Mail from the 60th Rifles in the Cape Colony
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 68-70

  • M.P. Vallentine 141/iii-iv
    Woolgar, J. pg. v


In this edition there are several primary pages numbered in Roman numerals.