Volume 33, Issue 3

Whole number 127Pages: 76-106
August, 1998

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  • Fred Jeppe, pioneer and founder of the Transvaal postal service
    Steyl, P. pg. 57-66

  • The 24 mm. single-circle datestamps of the ZAR
    Kamffer, G. pg. 67-71

  • Some 'Duiven' covers of early Swaziland
    Van der Molen, P. pg. 72-83

  • The Hunt Collection of Transvaal, part 2 The Zulu War and the Second Republic
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 84-93

  • Transvaal taxing stamps
    Bührmann, E. pg. 94-102


In this edition there are several primary pages numbered in Roman numerals.