Volume 30, Issue 3

Whole number 115Pages: 69-112
August, 1995

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  • The 'Berne Collection' of the National Postal Museum
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 104

  • The collections of the British Library
    Woolgar, J. pg. 104

  • Some examples of pre-stamp mail
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 77-80

  • Winnaarspoort
    Seeba, W. K. pg. 81-82

  • 'SPECIMEN' overprint on Second Republic issues
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 83-84

  • The Ensched√© ¬£5 overprinted 'V.R.I.'
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 92-39

  • The 1905 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 98-103


In this edition there are several primary pages numbered in Roman numerals.