Volume 27, Issue 3

Whole number 103Pages: 63-86
August, 1992

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  • Emil Tamsen's picture postcards – an update
    Tutturen, T.J. pg. 52-57

  • Registered mail 1859-1900
    Van den Hurk, G. pg. 63-71

  • The 1s duty overprinted 'V. R. / TRANSVAAL.' in black
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 72-73

  • The 94th Regiment, Captain Nairne and Surgeon Ward
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 74-75

  • A First Anglo-Boer War cover
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 76-77

  • A case for re-listing of the 'larger surcharge' variety of the 'EEN PENNY' provisional of 1882 (SG 170)
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 78-84

  • Malmani Goldfields and Ottoshoop
    Seeba, W. K. pg. 84-86

  • A Transvaal-Natal combination cover
    Draper, J. pg. iv-v


In this edition there are several primary pages numbered in Roman numerals.