Volume 18, Issue 1

Whole number 69Pages: 1-22
February, 1983

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  • New Republic, a new discovery Early Telegrams
    Jonkers, G.H. pg. 11-12

  • Boar War - Cover from Pretoria temporary "Pretoria" hand-stamp
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 13

  • Anglo-Boer War, Army Telegraph Date Stamps
    Anon pg. 15

  • Army telegraph date stamps, Irene and Lichtenburg
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 15

  • Usage of the Machadodorp Postcard
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 16

  • Usage of the Machadodorp Postcard
    Stroud, J. R. pg. 16

  • First Republic Letters: Jeppe - Otto
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 17-21

  • First Republic, another "TETE-BECHE" pair
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 21

  • Second British occupation, temporary rubber hands-stamp "STANDERTON"
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 21

  • N.Z.A.S.M. Hand Stamps Datestamps
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 73