Volume 16, Issue 3

Whole number 63Pages: 44-66
August, 1981

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  • First South African Air Mail
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 50

  • KE VII vending machine stamps
    Hagger, J.S pg. 52-53

  • Notes on determining the layout of items within a forme of surcharges
    Marshall, E. E. B. pg. 54-56

  • The Transvaal triple ring circular date stamp
    Mathews, I. B. pg. 57-60

  • Second British occupation temporary rubber handstamp "STANDERTON"
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 60-61

  • The Transvaal VRI Overprints on Postage Stamps. A Supplement, 49/inset at back after page 62
    Mathews, I. B. pg. 71