Volume 11, Issue 2

Whole number 42Pages: 31-60
May, 1976

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  • Additional forged postmarks in Ensched√© issues
    Melz, P. J. pg. 42-43

  • (First published 1974), The agonies of Transvaal first Postmen
    Emms, M. pg. 43-45

  • (First published 1974), The story of the Post Office in Johannesburg
    Emms, M. pg. 46-49

  • Britannia Waives the Rules
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 49-56

  • The "V.R. / TRANSVAAL" settings
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 56

  • The Post Offices of ZAR/TVL (Part III)
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 57-59