Volume 10, Issue 1

Whole number 37Pages: 1-25
February, 1975

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  • A "Transvaal - Griqualand - C.G.H." combination piece, a problem and a tentative solution 1975
    Drysdall, A.R. pg. 10-Nov

  • The Queen's Head "SPECIMENS"
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 12

  • Second Republic Provisional. The Half Penny on "Vurtheim" Three Pence 1975
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 13-19

  • The Revenue stamps of the Second Republic
    Criddle, H.M. pg. 20-24

  • The Ensched√© Dual plate series - 2d value in brown and green, 1975
    Wood, P. pg. 5-9