Jeppe’s map of The Transvaal, 1899


This boxed set of six sections of the map of the ZAR in the late 1890s is a facsimile edition of one formerly in the UK War Office Map Library.

This map contains information on post offices and agencies, postal routes, customs posts and small towns. We see land alienated by the state where surveyed forming a network of farms numbered and often named. Town plans of Johannesburg and Pretoria are set within pre-industrial rural areas.

Maps are accompanied by an essay on the origins and later uses in the coming war in South Africa.

Each map sheet includes an essay by Lindsay Braun an expert on Jeppe’s maps explaining how the maps were devised, for whom they were intended and how they were used by the British in the South African War 1899-1902.

They are printed on specially tough paper folded to resist the wear of regular usage. A single fully-opened section measures roughly 0.70m by 1m

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