1st Republic Stamps, printed from Otto’s plates

Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) was established in January 1852, and was recognised de jure by the British. Pre-stamp mail is rare. Items were franked at the 6d rate and struck with a circular cancel, and items are known from 1864. The application of Cape of Good Hope stamps to outgoing cross-border mail at Potchefstroom is also well-known. The period to 1877 is called the 1st Republic.

With the exception of the Davis 1874 perforated issues, all these First Republic stamps have been extensively forged and reprinted in numbers exceeding their original issues by a factor of many hundred.

Provisional 6d postal stationery envelopes were issued by Jeppe in 1869/70, but in 1872, Davis printed 3d and 6d envelopes which can be considered the Republic’s first official postal stationery.

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