Pretoria 1901 parcel post label – from Danna Strydom

An interesting parcel post item used from Pretoria counter 2 with 4-digit date 14 DEC 1901 to London. The form used is a British & Foreign Parcel Post Customs Declaration one. There appears to have not been a local occupational form. The form indicates the parcel weight of 1 lb 4 oz, contents weight of 14 oz and the fee paid with 2 x 1sh VRI stamps is correct according to the 1899/1902 rate to the UK of 1sh per pound and an additional 1sh per pound or fraction thereof up to 11 pounds. The special label bearing the office of origin, Johannesburg in this case, is generally affixed across the customs declaration. Part of the original wrapping with the address is still attached and on this is the triangular Pretoria Press Censor.

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