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Transvaal Study Circle presentations given at Cape Town 2022.
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Our new constitution was approved at the February 2023 AGM and is available for review in the members’ area.

The minutes of our February 2023 Annual General Meeting are now available for members. Click here to view.

Our team

We have found a webmaster.
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Latest journals

Members can bring matters to the attention of the management team of the Study Circle. If there are issues that are not easily dealt with by accessing the Contact page which directs a member to an officer or “someone else”.

The Committee is empowered to manage the society between annual meetings. The Committee is also permitted to select a member to serve temporarily to act in the place of the elected officer.

Officers are as follows:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary (currently vacant)
  • Treasurer
  • Editor of The Transvaal Philatelist
  • Web site manager

All these are elected at the annual meeting. Other honorary positions may be established by the Committee, such as Honorary Archivist

Currently the Committee is considering whether to adopt a written constitution and if it agrees to do so, to consider a draft constitution with the object of its adoption at a future annual meeting.

The Chairman (in the absence of the Secretary) will publish the Agenda of the Annual meeting at an appropriate time. It will normally receive the Accounts of the Study Circle for the previous calendar year.

For the most effective management of the Study Circle notice will be given by email. (For members who do not use email a written notice will be sent to them.)

Confidentiality of individual members’ names and addresses will be respected by using personal data only for the purpose of the management of the Study Circle.