Structure of the TSC


We are a self-governing group with a common interest of the philately of the Transvaal and South African Republic. Our membership is open to anyone throughout the World. We also publish research findings relevant to these topics. Led by officers who have specific roles, our committee members are elected annually at a business meeting held in the UK when reports on the previous year’s work are presented and discussed. These are normally published in the The Transvaal Philatelist.

The group is regulated by a constitution and this can be found here. Annual subscriptions are sought for membership and access to its benefits, in keeping with the cost of maintaining the work of the TSC.


Normally the work of the officers is scrutinised by the committee and approved where necessary by an annual meeting. There is no quorum for such a meeting. Future policy is initiated by the Chairperson, Treasurer and Editor but pursued with the support of the committee.

Members can bring matters to the attention of the management team of the Study Circle. If there are issues that are not easily dealt with, access the Contact page which directs a member to an officer or “someone else”. The Committee is empowered to manage the society between annual meetings. The Committee is also permitted to select a member to serve temporarily to act in the place of the elected officer.

Officers are as follows:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Editor of The Transvaal Philatelist
  • Web site manager

All these are elected at the annual meeting. Other honorary positions may be established by the Committee, such as Honorary Archivist. The Chairman and/or Secretary will publish the Agenda of the Annual meeting at an appropriate time. It will normally receive the Accounts of the Study Circle for the previous calendar year. For the most effective management of the Study Circle notice will be given by email (for members who do not use email a written notice will be sent to them).

Confidentiality of individual members’ names and addresses will be respected by using personal data only for the purpose of the management of the Study Circle.

Role of Chairman

The Chairman is responsible to all members for ensuring that progress in expanding our knowledge of the philately of the ZAR and Transvaal is maintained. This should be accomplished by encouraging the active participation in their chosen aspects of study and research. Facilitating these aims by supporting a business-like devotion of spare time to set tasks is the best watchword or recipe for a successful study circle. While open to everyone’s views, especially to those of the Committee, is expected on behalf of all members to hold and act upon policies.

Role of Editor of The Transvaal Philatelist

Tim Harrison is currently the editor of The Transvaal Philatelist, having taken over the position from Jeff Woolgar at the beginning of 2019. He can be contacted by post using the address listed inside the TP; alternatively, please send an email to