Cape Town International Philatelic Exhibition 2022

The Cape Town 2022 International Philatelic Exhibition 9-12 November 2022 offered a wonderful feast of magnificent Transvaal items rarely on display and the strongest showing of Transvaal Philately in many years.

Several unique items from the National Post Office Museum were on display.

In the international Exhibition visitors could view Lars Jørgensen’s (Large Gold) “Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek – Transvaal (1869-1885)” exhibit which also won the Grand Prix National. Emil Buhrmann’s (Gold) “British Bechuanaland and Stellaland”. Danna Strydom’s (Large Vermeil) “Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) the Second Republic (1881-1899) and his one frame “The V.R.I. overprints on Transvaal postage stamps.

In the National Exhibition there was Rodney Spark’s (Large Gold) “Western Campaign of the Anglo Boer War” which won the Grand Prix. Emil Buhrmann’s one frame “Transvaal Postage Due usage during the early Union Years” and Neil Cronje’s one frame “Postage due stamps of the Transvaal”.

The Transvaal Study Circle was the only society other than the Rhodesian Study Circle to hold a meeting. It was a welcome occasion for likeminded collectors to get together and the study circle will endeavour to follow up with similar events in future. Remote members were accommodated with virtual attendance via Zoom. Attendees were treated to presentations by:

– Lars Jørgensen – “The 1879 one penny overprinted V. R. Transvaal, the small V. R. setting”

– Danna Strydom – “The Vurtheim stamps of the 2nd ZA Republic”

– Ian Paterson – “Telegraph stamps of the Transvaal”

The video of the presentations can be watched here

LTR: Danna Strydom, Lars Jørgensen, Fernando Torres in front of Danna’s exhibit

Participants in the room were: Fernando Torres, Lars Jørgensen, Danna Strydom, Ian Paterson, Gawie vd Walt, Gerhard Kamfer, Francois Toerien, Kevin Lodge, Mike Hoffman, Colin Hoffman, Andrew Massyn and via zoom: Barry Larking, David Macdonald, Tjaart de Beer.

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