Beware modern day postal history forgeries by Danna Strydom and Tim Bartshe

We both recently acquired identical covers, except for the stamp. Tim bought his on eBay back in May 2021 and I bought mine on Delcampe in July 2021 from Mr Aulicino Steno (trading under nickname saul).  Tim’s 1s cover was properly described as a forgery by the seller and he paid for it as such around $5.  The 2s6d cover that I bought was auctioned and 21 bids were placed. It was described as “to check, sold as is” which should have been a warning to me.

The two covers are identical except for the stamp used with the exact same address and return along with the position of the cancels and dates, both on front and reverse. Also note the exact same three stripes top left and the “green” registration cross. 

These two covers serve as an example of what can be created by modern technologies to scan postmarks from covers, remove background images and use a printer to recreate the postmarks on top of most likely a reprint stamp. 

Incidentally the person from who Tim bought the 1s cover also sold a forged Pietersburg cover a few months earlier.  So be aware of unusual covers sold over the Internet and closely examine your acquisitions before the return window closes.

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  1. This seller also offered – as forgery – 5 Pound greens on piece. The postmarks involved here are Nylstroom, Rustenburg and Pretoria. The seller uses a different name on Ebay and is currently selling.

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